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    Any Core Studio Owners not dig their guitar?

    My 2012 Studio (narrowfield 57/08 and 1 reg 57/08) is the only PRS I have left out of many. Loved 'em all but this one, with these pickups, is spectacular.
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    All the more reason to learn to do setups's really not that tough, Youtube is your friend, lots of pros willing to literally give away their hard earned expertise.
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    Hugely disappointed

    As far as I can tell from a quick peek at the website, the only diff between the old Studio and the new one is a 58/15 replaces the original 57/08???
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    Merry Christmas!

    That will do nicely, will PM my address for leftovers ;)
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    That one guitar, for me, Mira 245, 25th Anniversary

    I've had an '08 maple top and an '09 korina, still haven't had an original hog version or any of the followup shorter scale ones. Not sure why I sold them, but the korina may still be accessible someday as I sold it to a buddy who unfortunately really likes it!
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    PRS 305 Value

    Great price new , good price used. Win-win. Buy it.
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    RIP Forum member, Ruger PC

    RIP Bill, will miss your participation on this great forum.
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    'COVID-19' Projects

    - Learning My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl Crow)...great melody. - intonating my Gibby ES - polishing out the satin on my Martin - thinking about a pickguard for my Collings City Limits - drinking a decent 12 year old Sonoma Cab
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    INGD: I just put a deposit down on a 2008 Core Mira

    Damn now I want the one I just sold back! Sold it to a buddy so maybe one day...
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    INGD: I just put a deposit down on a 2008 Core Mira

    Had a Korina myself (sold just a couple weeks ago), preceded by a mapletop. Would probably buy yet another if the right one came up, I guess an original mahogany next time! And yes the Korinas were limited to 100pcs.
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    Pickup switching options. What is your favorite?

    5 way blade w (never used) pull-push coil tap for bridge (Studio)
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    Positive Grid Spark Amp

    Ordered mine a couple weeks ago, PG also told me late March-April, looking forward to it looks pretty cool.
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    Tell me about the 305

    Thanks for the info. Will give it some thought but I think I need to try a SS beforehand. Cheers
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    Tell me about the 305

    I have a line on a nice 305 but can't play it....anyone have any love for these? Looks interesting, apparently the pups aren't too noisy. Kind of an early attempt at a Strat killer? Cheers