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    PRS Prototype Guitars

    Since this thread was revived... I also have the HBII Singlecut Center Block proto. It was the one used in all of the promotional shots too... sales advertisements and such. Here is a pic I took, and a pic with Howie Leese holding it after doing a demo with it at the Experience when it was...
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    Happy Birthday, Shawn!

    A belated happy birthday, Shawn!
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    Experience 2013 Face Thread

    From a pervious Experience. Hopefully the weather will be good enough to bring my baby with me again this year.
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    Are You a Car Guy?

    Indeed I am. Some of you may have seen my Triumph TR6 at the Experience. (hopefully I never buy an amp at the Experience... I know it wont fit anywhere in that car!) AND, I am shopping for a new daily driver. I keep going back and forth between the BMW 5 Series, and the Jaguar XF-R. They...
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    2004- 2006 513 Rosewood: Were all international ones Brazilian?

    My USA model (2005) is BRW, but does indeed have an IRW modcat.
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    Versatility of the 513

    I used to play professionally, but I no longer play out, unfortunately. Maybe one day again, but for now, I am confined to what little time I can get in my little home studio. You?
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    Can I show off my studio here?

    Holy cow!! That is badassed right there!
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    worst NGD Ever!

    Hey, I had a NGD where a brand new Angelus SE Custom arrived with it's headstock snapped off! I tried to play it, but it just didnt sound right. :D
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    3/4 Scale PRS

    Oooh... short scale bass could be way cool! And while I played a Mustang for many years, I am not sure I would go back to a short scale 6 string.
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    Could Use Some Advice

    Change brings growth. Stretch your wings, and go for it!
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    PRS Guitars: ? (New Slogan Thread)

    PRS: You WILL get laid...
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    Most Flexible:

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    Soooo....this happened Sunday...

    Oh, man... way cool! I am jealous! ZZ Top put on the best show I have ever been too, IMHO (Afterburner Tour)... great stuff.
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    How do I ship this thing?

    This is what I do... And they have different sizes, too... bass/acoustic sized boxes, as well as standard! (so I buy each, just in case!)