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I have been playing guitar since I was about 10, so that's 40 years on the clock (& counting).
I've owned a few interesting guitars, most of which have moved on to new owners now:
* Watkins Rapier 33 - my first electric, aged 12 I think - traded in against a...
* Sunburo Strat copy which was modified and traded in against a...
* Shergold Masquerader which I sold to a colleague when I'd acquired a...
* Squier Strat, one of the early MIKs, which I still have, and was bought as a backup to my...
* Fender MIJ Contemporary Telecaster (metallic pewter finish, black painted neck & headstock, HSS "Fat Strat" setup, locking nut & Type I floating trem... my heavy-metal guitar!) which I traded in against a...
* Line 6 Variax 600 (still got that one)

I also have
* Fender 12-string acoustic
* PRS SE245, hopefully just the first PRS in the collection
* Fender American Elite Telecaster
* Squier P-Bass
Edinburgh, Scotland
Zoom MS100-BT
Marshall 30W solid state
Acoustic Guitars
Fender 12-string
Yamaha FG335 6-string
Goldklang 3/4-scale nylon string
Electric Guitars
PRS SE 245
Fender American Elite Telecaster
Line 6 Variax 600
Squier Stratocaster (MIK late 80s)


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