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    Finally got them all in one place

    Nice family!
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    How's This For Irrelevant To This Site: College Football?

    I share your feelings about college football, and the unfortunate risk that a player may have to take a pay cut to turn pro. I am not as hopelessly addicted though. I usually watch one USC game (my only name brand alma mater thanks to Boeing, who graciously bought me an advanced degree). I also...
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    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    Oh damn, and dayum.
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    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    Pedals. Meh. EDIT - I went back and watched the whole thing. They look nice, and seem to sound nice. Seem kinda pricey.
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    That Age Thing...

    Midlife crisis. I’m having one now, and quite happy about it. Apparently, I’ll now live to be at least 128.
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    S2 Neck Finish Wear Off?

    Mine’s gloss finish. It just has a squeaky sound for instance when I pull it out of the gig bag. It’s kinda cool.
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    Dreadnaught or 000?

    To the above, I started not long ago. I’m left handed. I wasn’t sure whether to play left or right handed. The local store my said just come in when you are free over the next month, and try left and right handed guitars. You’ll know which is right after a few visits. Worked out right handed for...
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    S2 Neck Finish Wear Off?

    Aaaaand Bingo! Took a little longer than I thought though. I’m relegated to a corner of the bedroom until we get the 4th bedroom turned into a photo/video/music studio/guest bedroom/husband’s doghouse. But seriously - squeaky nitro? Just me or normal. All the squeaks I mention are unplugged...
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    Dreadnaught or 000?

    Bad shoulders. OOO.
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    S2 Neck Finish Wear Off?

    Love my S2 studio. I wish it was a satin finish neck instead of gloss black nitro. Dumb question, but seems a decent place to ask - my nitro finish is “squeaky.” It makes a kind of cool squeaky sound against the gig bag, my clothing, bedspread (sigh, I can guess where this one will go…)...
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    Chambering on S2 594 Singlecut?

    My S2 Studio surprised me at how loud it rings acoustically. My reference is just my SE, but it was noticeably louder with more sustain. My experience with S2’s is my Studio only. But based on that and other’s comments, the S2’s are pretty awesome.
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    Another Restoration Project - Standard 22

    Cool, cool, cool! Who lets a guitar like that get into the condition it was in when you got it?
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    Fiore TCI pickups?

    No useful info, just chiming in to say I lust after a red fiore.
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    Slippery Knobs

    You all had me at swelling slippery knobs.
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    Underrated guitar players

    Marc Bolan (T-Rex) James Honeyman-Scott (Pretenders) Just somethin’ about both of them.