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    Advice for selling a Private Stock

    If you decide to sell independently rather than consigning at a shop, do not state that you have other PS pieces. Potential buyers will interpret that as acknowledgement that they're inferior to those you're keeping. Like I do. ;)
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    NGD - Wood Library CU24

    Coddled too! ;) That is spectacular, as nice as a PS piece, and I especially like the switching config. Blades are for Strats. :)
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    Private Stock build delivered on PS Friday

    Thass some crazy azz $hit right there! Good crazy!
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    PRS S2 Studio?

    Although I wasn't looking for one or even a new guitar, I came across a mint example for what seemed like a good price at a local shop and a very tempting morsel it was. Finish was a nice dark burst. I was in a hurry and didn't get to play it yet, but have listened to numerous clips and reviews...
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    NGD Wood Library DGT but kind of a let down

    It's beyond "not normal", and I would demand either a full refund for all costs including shipping, or an agreeable discount, as well as a link to this thread to PRS. They will not be pleased with this treatment.
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    Santana Retro vs. CU24?

    Which Santana? Your first PRS?
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    Santana Retro vs. CU24?

    Santana necks are some of the most hand-filling from PRS, definitely deeper and fuller than the pattern regular or older 'standard'. FTR, I still have a Santana Brazilian Ltd. (full Brazzy neck), and have owned two older Santana sigs as well as an S-III. All had big necks but were slightly...
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    Help me decide :/

    I have an '06 Cu24AP with HFS/VBs and a 5-way, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I know that pickup set can be a bit polarizing, but once you really get to know their nuances, they're quite versatile and easy to shape. I don't even play anything heavy, but can conjure a thick, bluesy...
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    Neck Profile for 2017 Custom 24

    It should specify that on the hang tag, but the seller's inaccurate description tells me it may not exist in this case.
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    Replacing 85/15s with HFS/VB in a Custom 24

    The HFS/VBs are a polarizing set. I adore them in my '06 Cu24AP with 5-way rotary. They get a range of tones I could never get in other 24s with different set-ups, and while their output is up there, I've found that with the right tweaks on both sides, they can be quite nuanced and expressive...
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    NGD 21’ Santana Retro 10 top in Santana yellow

    NO!!! As cool as the green one may be, we simply cannot condone swapping! You have a prime example of one on the most classic of all PRSs in its signature color, which basically guarantees collectible status. Your only decision from here is deciding who to leave it to in your will. ;)
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    NGD 21’ Santana Retro 10 top in Santana yellow

    A classic beauty if there ever was one. And you'll soon learn what a surprisingly versatile beauty it is, with the latitude to go seamlessly from a whisper to a cannon and sound great throughout the range, in a way that no LP I've ever played could match.
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    I’m getting OWNED on TGP!

    It's still there but is for members (contributors) only. I actually believe that was a good policy choice, as it eliminated some of the troll-ish hit and run types who were only interested in anarchy. Some of them ... ;)
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    NSD: 2009 PS SANTANA

    Maybe make a personal appeal to an individual there with some sway ... like @Mikko Dumadag perhaps? ;)