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    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    """"How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?"""" Buy an Epiphony PRS guitars should sound like a PRS.... sorry I'm biased.
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    The best concert experience you've ever had?

    1976 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium front row balcony. Thin Lizzy with Brian Robinson and Scott G. was awesome. Phil's bass was also stolen that night after the show. WTH... I believe he got it back though. What a show, Still have my ticket stub....
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    just purchased a DGT, question about string gauge and tuner knob

    Pic's of the incoming DGT? What color?
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    Installing new pickups on a cu 24 and wiring implications

    As long as they are 4 conductor wire pickups it's really easy to swap
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    PRS Tuner

    Works great on electric and acoustic and last a long time between charges, sure beats my battery eaters!!!
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    Standard McCarty 10 top. Which Color?

    Well the Tobacco has close to an Artist top so is the better choice, but my friend called and will sell me back my old McCarty so the search is over... Thanks!
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    Standard McCarty 10 top. Which Color?

    Standard McCarty 10 top. Which Color? My 2 choices are down to Tobacco Sunburst where you can still see the grain nicely in the dark section OR Standard McCarty Sunburst which is just classic. Thanks!
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    PRS Hollowbody Appreciation Thread- or the Love of “Less is More”

    Why Why Why does PRS do this.... unbelievable!!!!!! and only 12,000 reasons I just can't pull the trigger!
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    Why/why not. PRS w/soapbar pups

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm P90's do sound awesome though! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    McCarty or McCarty 594

    I'm a PRS traditionalist I guess and would go for a McCarty. I love the PRS tone although the 594 has that PRS mojo also. Here is a steal at $3,500! really, just call them.
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    P90 Hum Free Pickups?

    Sounds good.... Thanks!
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    P90 Hum Free Pickups?

    Any suggestions on who makes the best sounding Hummmmmm free P90?
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    What do you do...............

    hmm,,,, what about selling some stock while it's high right now, I'm old enough not to have a penalty......... ah, I can't decide. The perfect DGT, in my eyes, sold so right now I'm on hold anyway.
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    What do you do...............

    Ya, I can wait. I got my first one in 1988 and it was an awesome day I still remember. The others were special too but I was awe struck by that one. So I'll wait for the right one at the right time......
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    What do you do...............

    What do you do when you want a new PRS so bad since it's been quite a while, and you want a core DGT or Pauls, but the funds just aren't there and the certainty of a stable economy and gainful employment just aren't there anymore either...... going crazy! I have eyes on an awesome DGT and a...