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    To P90 or not to P90

    Which set?
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    To P90 or not to P90

    Thanks Dave! and all.... what was I thinking! P90's are staying put. Thanks
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    To P90 or not to P90

    So.... love P90's hate the hummmmmmmmmm..... but is it worth going to Mojotone '56 quiet coils? I know there are other brands, but that's what I would go to. Any users of those? comments?
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    Compressors. Who uses them and how?

    In a word..... Telecaster never with the PRSs though.. just don't need it
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    i *STILL* have no GAS

    oops, never mind....
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    594 Hardware/Electronics Configuration Aesthetic - Opinions

    I just don't like the 2 piece bridge brass saddles, better since they are no longer long and flat but still. My E string on the 22nd fret decays immediately and if I bend to an E it dies instantly. Mark was great and sent me new saddles, unfortunately it did not change things. The saddles, I...
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    Show Yer Pedalbored

    " " That's it! PRSi into my JTM45 crankin! woohoo ok, it has the master volume mod....
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    Can We PLEASE Stop Referring to "USA Electronics" In Core Guitars ???

    and.... bottom line... who cares! It's just steel, carbon and wire.... don't care. But give me the best crafted instrument being a Core PRS that I've been playing for 35 years now!
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    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    I got a new Custom 24, black gray smokeburst,,,, sounds great but I think the McCarty beats it.
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    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    Late to the party................. Dang Dave, That is the most awesome well played McCarty I've seen!!!! I had a McSmokeburst that was awesome, kick myself for selling.
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    ‘88 Custom 24 Tone/Switching Control Options

    My '88 Custom is very bright also. The first thing I did was remove the bright cap across the volume input and wiper. Then roll the Volume back to take the shrillness out. That's all it needed. Would really like a tone control but not at changing a vintage hand carved PRS! Don't use the...
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    Pedals or no Pedals

    Well,,, thanks to this post I dug into my storage and found many vintage pedals from the 70's that still work great!!! woohoo, might have to post them on Reverb! haha $$$$$$$$$$ Also, this made me go get the Vox Handwired Wah,,,, now to order the PRS lot.
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    Pedals or no Pedals

    The band plays all Classic rock and blues,,,, old rocker here.. so with my victoria or jtm and a bb pre-amp I am good for most everything. But "spice" is nice... hmm,,, pile of pedals in the bottom of the trunk I should break out.
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    Pedals or no Pedals

    Just curious.... I was playing a gig a long time ago and this person walked by the stage and said "there's all the magic pedals".... shortly after that I became a minimalist using at most one pedal and letting a good tube amp do all the work. Now,,,,, I miss some of the cool stuff. You all...