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    Thoughts and Prayers for one of ours

    Prayers for a speedy recovery!
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    Happy Birthday Sleeby!

    Have a great Bday Bryan!!!!
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    Forum Guitar: Rev 4 (The Final)

    My name is JD I'm in, with Guitar Maverick in Texas and happy to pay a deposit
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    How Many Infractions?

    Hmmmmmm......Don't think it went unnoticed Doc! Hmmmmmm....
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    Happy 1st Birthday!

    Thanks to all for the hard work, dedication and sacrifices it took to make this a success! It is truly appreciated!
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    Forum Birthday Countdown: "1"

    Current # 1 Previous #1
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    NGD - 408 Braz

    Congrats man!!
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    Rock'in with little Girls!

    Best of times my friend!!
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    4-12-13 Crossroads Festival Performers and Set Lists

    That must have been an AMAZING show!!
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    At least she won't have to walk home ! Hehehe
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    The "Forum" Guitar

    Sounds Fantastic!
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    What is the best Music Based Movie?

    How about Eddie and the Crusiers and since I spent some time in Lubbock... The Buddy Holly Movie!
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    Nice Markie !! That's quite a harem of Eagles! In person ... The 2 FBJ are stunning !!
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    Is PRS doing the Wood Library program again for dealers?!

    Funniest Thread Hijack ever!!!
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    NGD: SC-58 in Faded Blue Jean

    Boom Chicka Boom!!! Thats is one smoking guitar!