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  1. DreamTheaterRules
    Perhaps a new "forum term" is in order. We have pie. How about "DP?"
  2. DreamTheaterRules
    Not a “law.” it’s more of a “guideline,” and rather hard to enforce.
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  3. Wakester
    Is there a law about typing while intoxicated TWI or Under the Influence TUI? Asking for a friend.
  4. Tone Deaf
    Tone Deaf
    Still Alive & kicking
  5. Steven Saxon
    Steven Saxon
    A quick hello, and thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I just purchased a mint 2014 S2 Custom 22 in Antique White. Loving it! Peace
  6. veinbuster
    Amused by last word syndrome
  7. Deli6505
    The best thing about a jacuzzi is that you can fart and no one will know. who did it.
    1. Wakester
      Until someone sharts, then it's poop stew.
      Apr 14, 2019 at 4:57 PM
  8. Black Plaid
    Black Plaid
    attempting to sort out pedals
  9. veinbuster
    So close...maybe there is still hope.
  10. tinman44
    tinman44 veinbuster
    Thank you for your reply, This one is signed on the back
  11. DreamTheaterRules
    uh...huh huh... he said "Poopy head"
  12. Deli6505
    Some people shouldn't try so hard to be a try-hard...
  13. Ryan Donovan
    Ryan Donovan CoreyT
    On my 5rh PRS happy to be a member, thanks for having me. Just bought a S2 singlecut, champagne gold with Paul Reed Smith's autograph on the back of the head stock. So pumped up to have it... Ryan
  14. Deli6505
    Being a toxic salty poopy head is no way to make friends.
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  15. DISTORT6
    Situational awareness. It's used here.
  16. 11top
    11top toothace
    "Delete (Duplicate)" thread. Post number 11. ;-)
    1. DreamTheaterRules
      I’m missing something here...
      Apr 8, 2019
  17. Tucson Thump
    Tucson Thump
    I remember the world before Bart Simpson.
  18. veinbuster
    Thanos snap on profile spam.
  19. Wakester
    But Rose, I want enhance my Performance on the stage. I already Rock the Gym :D
  20. DreamTheaterRules
    Nice abs, Velma
    1. Wakester
      I wasn't looking at her abs
      Mar 30, 2019
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