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  1. Wakester
    That awkward moment when you see your picture on Twitter and Facebook and nobody liked it.
  2. Lonnie L Zamarripa
    Lonnie L Zamarripa
    Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay ,it's not the end.
  3. DreamTheaterRules
    Two more... Smokey & Bandit
  4. Rockmark
    Rockmark WEDGE
    This is Rockmark. I got a Graveyard ltd from Wildwood guit. They have some decent shots under there sold section, first 2 fronts and the back. If you wouldn't mind putting these up for me that would be great. I'll wait to hear back from you before typing a post but if you cold put the shots in there for me it would really be appreciated. Thanks , Rockmark
  5. Wakester
    Guitars are meant to be played, cars are meant to be driven. Museums are for pictures and statues.
  6. veinbuster
    Where’s the pie?
  7. veinbuster
    Off to death by a million tolls.
  8. Marty Canaday
    Marty Canaday
    I purchased a whale blue S2 custom 24 guitar this morning. I can't wait for it to arrive!
  9. veinbuster
    Westward Ho.
  10. Michael Carroll
    Michael Carroll [email protected]
    Hello, I just bought a PRS Custom SE 22 in whale blue. It plays awesome and feels like nothing I have ever played before, including my 83 strat. Thanks for a wonderful guitar and looking forward to playing this one a long time. I just wish It was made in the USA. Also, is there a way to register my new guitar?
  11. Fodder & folley
    Fodder & folley
    New (old) pickups from a CU22 circa 2000-01’ installed in SC58. Anyone know much about HFS II & VB pups?
  12. Marcel GignIt
    Marcel GignIt
    Possible Raiding Shops
  13. Marcel GignIt
    Marcel GignIt
    New here know somewhere else
    hey hey still looking for a dc245 ?
    1. Elliot
      I’m in the opposite situation, now. Trying to figure out how to get a santana for my dc245
      Sep 13, 2018
  15. Prs-studio
    Retired Studio Guitarist from NY
  16. Sekunda
    Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don't fail me now.
    1. HANGAR18 likes this.
  17. django49
    Movin' On Up
  18. django49
    Biding My Time
  19. Udder56
    New to me custom 24. Plays wonderful
  20. Rango
    Just passing through... Usually on The Gear Page. ;-)
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