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yogi, from Stevensville, MD

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Jun 25, 2018 at 12:07 AM
    1. Brian O.
      Brian O.
      How the heck do I follow people?
      1. veinbuster
        Click your name on the upper right. You should get a drop down named ‘people you follow’. Click that and you will find a place to type in names. You can also click anyone’s name to see their profile and select to follow that person from there.
        Mar 7, 2018
    2. greatrankini
      Sean - Loved watching your 15-year guitar being made! I'm holding out for the upcoming (I hope) release of the new John Mayer guitar and it was great to see a lot about how it will be made. One question since I didn't see a good pic of it - what did Paul write on the back of the headstock? Is it something that shows up or just hidden beneath? Take care and congrats on the 15 years. Mark
    3. mad monk
      mad monk
      Shawn, Thanks so much for today. I hope Lenny shared the "poor box". PTC rules, and I posted appropriately.
      1. Shawn@PRS likes this.
      2. Shawn@PRS
        Hey Tracey- It sounds like Lenny took good care of you!
        Sep 13, 2016
    4. Shawn@PRS

      I won't be checking my PM's frequently, so if you have any questions about PRS, please send them to our customer service department at


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