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  1. veinbuster
    Ready for a rest day
  2. Mozzi
    Incoming NGD 17th July - can't wait...
  3. Steve's addiction
    Steve's addiction
    Somewhere between here and there
  4. Crickys623
    I found a white core model online for $500 the only catch is it doesn’t have any of the electronics is this a good deal? should I go for it?
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  5. DreamTheaterRules
    Welcome Organic Fungus Nuker! Have you met my friend Scott? He's got a lip fungus they haven't identified yet.
  6. Tucson Thump
    Tucson Thump
    Yes, I do get excited when it rains
  7. Wakester
    Just remember, you are never truly alone, until all the voices in your head stop talking to you.
    1. DreamTheaterRules
      echo... echo.... echo....
      Jul 13, 2018 at 6:02 AM
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  8. Bill SAS 513
    Bill SAS 513
    If it ain't too tough, try to do it yourself. Just before you do, Google that $hit!!
  9. Wakester
    I want a job as a tour guitar tech. But only if it pays more than 25.50 an hour and has Really good health bennies.
  10. Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee
    Crossing my fingers I get this recently purchased l Silver Sky successfully home (2 flights)
  11. vchizzle
    Vacation at home!
  12. Frankie B.
    Frankie B.
    I am a performer first. I am a qualified luthier. Published and respected by my peers. " A good deal is good for everyone".....
  13. Gac
    Gac Duffy
    Duffy, you still with us?
  14. Frankie B.
    Frankie B.
    Worked with Les Paul over 30 years. I own a few PRS guitars. I have never found a bad one. Thanks, Frankie B.
  15. Frankie B.
    Frankie B.
    Worked for Les Paul over 30 years. Performing and repairs and modifications to his personal guitars.
  16. DreamTheaterRules
    @Cbouty, like "done-done" or just "done?"
  17. Wakester
    Now the daughter has the bug, she just bought her first beginner, we uhm Strat copy. It's contagious!
  18. Wakester
    This could get interesting, now the wife is gassing for another guitar. :D
  19. Cbouty
    I’m done
  20. BeerBatteredPhish
    May the four winds blow you safely home
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