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  1. Wakester
    This could get interesting, now the wife is gassing for another guitar. :D
  2. Cbouty
  3. BeerBatteredPhish
    May the four winds blow you safely home
  4. dogrocketp
    dogrocketp You-S4-It
    I had an S2 custome 24 in Blue crab. It's easily the most beautiful of all the PRS colors. The neck angle on the 24 was such that I couldn't get the trem to pull up a full half step. Other than that, it was a smoking guitar. I'm a trem guy, so I sold it and got a blue Matteo SAS, Blue 92 EGII, and blue 03 CE 24 that Chris Bavaria painted Blueburst wrap. And as we all know, blue guitars sound better.
  5. Manraj
    Ecstatic! Just got my first official PRS! An S2 mind you, but could feel the sustain right out of the case!
  6. Wakester
    I wonder if the robots that check out this site know how to play guitar?
  7. Wakester
    Going to FretFest for Fathers Day
    24hrs LeMans...
  9. DreamTheaterRules
    @Gac, Good luck with the nut issue.
  10. Ampguy
    Ampguy Em7
    Looked for you at the Experience, but either I missed you or you didn't attend. How are you?
  11. Evan Giannelli
    Evan Giannelli BonMat
    Hey, I noticed you haven’t been on in a while so maybe you won’t get this but I’m 36 and just starting guitar pretty much have the same Questions now that you did back then so I’m glad I found your post. The question I have for you, is are you still at it and does it in fact get easier hopefully you see this. Thanks!
  12. Gac
    Gac grausch
    grausch, thank you very much for helping me!! Good info on the nut issue.
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  13. Wakester
    So who picked up my SC594 semi Hollow for me at Experience?
  14. sktgtar
    Guitar is life!
  15. vchizzle
    Airport #prsexp
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  16. vchizzle
    What am I forgetting???
  17. Fred Baer
    Fred Baer Brian G
    Brian - I’m interested in the Black Goldburst. Does it have ebony or rosewood for the fretboard?
  18. Wakester
    This space for rent
  19. normondo
    Have any years of copper coils been superior in the HFS/Vintage Bass combinations sound, prior to the 85/15's resolution? Say, 2002?
  20. DISTORT6
    Breakfast in Monaco, lunch in Indy, dinner in Charlotte.
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