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  1. tonytester
    email -
  2. flux
    The realization has hit me that two cores will never be enough. The struggle is real.
    1. veinbuster
      Glad you’re out of that dream sequence.
      Jan 18, 2018 at 8:44 PM
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    2. flux
      Hey, denial is always the first stage. I'm better now!
      Jan 18, 2018 at 8:47 PM
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  3. Fullmoon 1971
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    2. veinbuster
      Very nice.
      Jan 8, 2018
  4. David Drew Porter
    David Drew Porter
    Zebra wood on a Hollowbody, hmmmm?//
  5. David Drew Porter
    David Drew Porter LJD
    You are still a new member? I joined this week and like your profile pic... my first PRS is on order and it is a Hollowbody II 10-top whale Blue. How do you like yours LJD? I do not know if I’m even sending this to you yet?
  6. David Drew Porter
    David Drew Porter
    Update: I may change my ordr to the artist package, but that means I will wait 9 months... good grief.
  7. guitarhawk
    Just got my first PRS the other day. Semi hollow SE277 Baritone. Sweet guitar! Very happy so far!
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    2. veinbuster
      Sweet. Start a thread and share photos. Profile posts don’t get seen much.
      Jan 5, 2018
  8. David Drew Porter
    David Drew Porter
    New Hollowbody on order Whoop-whoop!
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  9. greatrankini
    greatrankini Shawn@PRS
    Sean - Loved watching your 15-year guitar being made! I'm holding out for the upcoming (I hope) release of the new John Mayer guitar and it was great to see a lot about how it will be made. One question since I didn't see a good pic of it - what did Paul write on the back of the headstock? Is it something that shows up or just hidden beneath? Take care and congrats on the 15 years. Mark
  10. PRSGuitarsAreTheWayToGo
    >When your band-mates are more worried about playing gigs than practicing
  11. PRSGuitarsAreTheWayToGo
    Picture links are gonna be a little time consuming but its better than a forum being bogged down with pictures
  12. PRSGuitarsAreTheWayToGo
    Time to brush off the old imgur account so I can post pictureds
  13. PRSGuitarsAreTheWayToGo
    Small hairline cracks around the neck of my SE245 :(
  14. Mike D
  15. DISTORT6
    Great day to give yourself an AVATAR if you don’t have one already! Enough of those dopey symbols...
  16. JimmyDee
    JimmyDee Glide-bpm
    We have a lot in common... both Christians, both electrical engineers, both have PRS CE24 with Mann Bridge...
  17. vchizzle
    Off work for 11days!
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  18. EvanAW
    PRS SE Singlecut Korina 2009 Honey Blonde w/ PRS Gig Bag
  19. EvanAW
    Hi, I’m brand new to this forum, but not to PRS; however, I just purchased one labeled “korina” but I can’t find another like it online
  20. Pugdaddy
    PRS SE Santana vs Zach Myers for first guitar? Love Classic Rock, Blues and some Jazz.